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On every post about Instagram tips, you find “use relevant hashtags to reach your ideal customer”. While it sounds like great advice, anyone else totally confused on how to find the best hashtags for your business? #handraisedemoji

When I review other small business posts on Instagram, hashtags are one of the biggest missed opportunities for business owners and one of the top mistakes I identified in this post. Not to say there’s really a “bad” way to use them, so let’s say, not being used to their full potential? I think as business owners we often are too involved, dig too far into research and essentially overthink the entire thing which complicates it. Often the hashtags are very (likely unintentionally) focused on the shop + business owner, and not enough on how a customer uses Instagram. So today we’re going to discuss three easy components to find the best hashtags for your business.

Part 1: Descriptions / Components of Image (20% of hashtags)

If you’re putting together a cohesive Instagram feed, you should have a few themes that run throughout your profile. So take advantage and hashtag those descriptive components of your image: #stationery, #pink, #candles, #wedding, #dogsofinstagram, etc. The reason for these general hashtags is that your feed may appeal on a pure aesthetic level to some people and they may follow along and become passive potential consumers, the “slow burners”. Or, best case scenario! You could attract your ideal customer from one of these simple hashtags as it covers a broad base and easily speaks to your product or brand in a clear manner.

Part 2: Customer Centric (60% of hashtags)

Get deep with your customer. And by deep, I of course mean GET WEIRD. Or funny, silly, witty, whatever it would be if she was your bestie and you guys were sharing that image. This is where you want to put the majority of your energy into “researching”. What are some hashtags your top followers / engagers use? Are they #organization freaks / love #whiteonwhite / crazy about hashtagging emojis like I am? (yes, you can actually hashtag emojis *all the heart eyes*) The key takeaway is that your customer likely (definitely) is not searching for #etsysellers #shophandmade  or #grandopening unless they’re looking for something SUPER specific, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to find your customer by thinking more like her.

No worries if you’ve been doing it this way, but flip your perspective today and for at least half of your hashtags, think “what would my customer search?” In a way, give yourself some freedom to be less strategic – in theory – and be more like your average customer that likes to look at pretty things in pretty little squares. Oh yeah, and then fall in love and spend all her money.

So dive into her shoes, creep around posts of competitors and followers that receive good engagement, and spend some time on the below questions. Brainstorm a list that revolves around your customer and then based on each image, select from your list to ensure the hashtags still relate and make sense to what you’re posting. Going back to creating your “themes” here, you could easily make a set list that goes with each. So if one of your themes is jewelry stacks, #stacksonstacks, #armcandy, #armparty #jewelry, would be ones you could always apply to those images. No more stressing out about each post!


Who is your customer?

What is she obsessed with?

How does she spend her day? #sundayfunday #caturday (I know you’re out there!)

What are her interests?

#homedecor #instagood #colorfullife #studentproblems #bookworm #wristcandy #armcandy #healthyliving #makeupmafia #makeupaddict #shoppingaddict #wanderlust #coffeeaddict #iwokeuplikethis #fitnessfreak #handlettering #colorhunters #colorcolourlovers (ha, not a mistype)

What Instagram challenges/popular hashtags would she be part of?


#DScolor #DSpattern #DSlettering #DStexture #thatsdarling #darlingweekend #mybeautifulmess (actually any of her hashtags: #ABMlifeiscolorful #ABMhappylife #ABMathome #ABMtravelbug #ABMlifeissweet #ABMlittlethings #ABMcrafty) #flashesofdelight #teg30daychallenge #photosinbetween #lovelysquares #livethelittlethings #livebeautifully #livecreatively #fromwhereistand #pursuepretty #everysquareastory #bandofun #bandogirlgang #thehappynow #postitfortheaesthetic #psimadethis

Part 3: Community / Business Owner Related (20% of hashtags)

These are the ones I see that are most overused, but don’t worry, I LOVE them and you definitely should still use them! They’re great for connecting to other makers and small business owners that can support and lift you up, but I be sure you’re not only using these as you’re missing a huge base of customers that aren’t other small business owners and won’t be looking for these hashtags.


#communityovercompetition #womeninbusiness #risingtidesociety #makersgonnamake #TNChustler #creativebiz #etsyfinds #savvybusinessowner #supporthandmade #handmadeisbetter #craftsposure #mystudiotoday #onmydesk #smallbusinessowner #shopsmall #smallbusiness #girlboss #bosslady #craftsposure #creativityfound #calledtobecreative


Use text replacement to save your favorite hashtags by category so you’ll never forget the best ones to use and always have them handy!

For example, I have #blog saved as a shortcut that expands into ten blog-related hashtags and #etsy saved to expand into etsy & specific retail hashtags. In the above jewelry example, you could save #jewelrystacks as a shortcut for #stacksonstacks #armcandy #armparty #jewelry #jewelrystacks

For your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement  > Add New!

Then next time you post, just type in your shortcut and your replacement text options will pop up just like a spelling suggestion would, just accept and bam! Time saved + stress-free posting!

You could save a shortcut for each of your “Instagram themes”, one for popular hashtag communities and one for building small business related relationships; then all you need to do for each upload is throw those two shortcuts in and add a couple descriptions for that specific image! Annnnnd DONE.


Only 30 #hashtags can be used on a single photo so when creating your shortcuts or brainstorming ideas, keep that in mind!

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