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5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media For Your Business

Having a business requires a lot of dedication, money, time and effort.
You put in hours and hours of planning, formulating ideas that could help your business grow.
On top of that, you need to also make sure that you get the word out there for everyone to be aware of your new endeavor. That’s where social media can come in handy.

Back in the day, traditional marketing can be really costly, tedious and aggressive. With the rise of inbound marketing, it has definitely changed the way businesses offer their products and services to their customers. It’s become more informative and it focuses on the customers’ needs and benefits.

Social media, is an essential part of inbound marketing. If your business is not on social media yet, you’re missing out on a lot of things! I’ll give you 5 reasons:


1. Get To Know Your Target Audience Better

The social community is very active and transparent. By observing your followers and prospective customers, you will be able to get a hint on the things that interest them as well as the right way to approach them. Every person is unique and with the help of social media, you have the advantage of being able to familiarize yourself with your potential market.


2. Global Reach

Depending on the kind of business you’re into, being on social media enables you to maximize your audience reach. Imagine being in front of millions and billions of potential customers who are using social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram worldwide.  It’s one of the best reasons why you need social media for your business! Getting that kind of exposure is an opportunity that is surely hard to ignore.


3. Real-Time Engagement and Communication

Since a lot of people are always on the go, potential customers won’t have time to call or even shoot you a proper email for inquiries. Being available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other appropriate social media platforms can make it 10 times easier for them to reach you. It’s casual and more convenient. This also works great for strengthening relationship with your existing customers, as they can readily send you private messages if they have concerns about your product or service.


4. Great PR Tool

If done right, social media can be a great vehicle to promote your brand. You don’t need to pay a huge amount of money for a few seconds of airtime on a T.V. commercial. You may also skip print advertising and save even more. It’s absolutely a practical solution!


5. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

By exploring into social media marketing, it doesn’t only bring you closer to your target audience, but it also gives you a much better view on your direct and indirect competitors. It’s a great way to keep you updated on the latest trends in your niche or industry and improve the way you do your business. Remember, there’s always room for improvement!


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