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Content Marketing Cheat Sheet for Social Media

If you struggle with content marketing, you’re not alone. Not knowing how to produce it or where to publish it, you might feel a little lost, but that’s okay because a lot of people do! When it comes to your business, you want to make an impact with your content, so worrying about these things are a good thing. When it comes to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there’s always that question of what goes where, or can it all be the same? The answer is no, it shouldn’t be the same because each of those platforms are different.

Here is some insight to help you organize your content a little better and give you some direction on what you should do with it, and where to put it.

Got something cool to share that’s related to your brand?
Whether it’s internal or external news, Facebook is a great spot to put it. Facebook is king at content distribution – it contributes to 52% of all traffic stories according to Marketing Magazine. Facebook also has a lot more freedom to get creative with your content because the character limit is pretty cushy.

  • #QuickTips:
    • Always include a good quality photo in your posts
    • Remove the link in your supported content after it has generated in the area below your post (it looks cleaner)
    • Always add a comment to summarize or highlight a link you are posting

Say hello to your micro-blog! While 140 characters may seem severely limited, you can fit in exactly what needs to be said without driving your audience crazy with run on sentences and rants. Twitter works well for quick updates, linking back to your website / blog, and sharing photos. It’s also a great engagement platform – you can engage and connect with any open profile!

  • #QuickTips:
    • Take advantage of hashtags so users can find your Tweets on a trending topics, or topics they’re searching for
    • Include photos to catch people’s attention and get more ReTweets
    • Like, reply, mention and ReTweet other users to create more awareness and connection

If you want to succeed on Instagram, your photo content needs to be on point. Your brand is going to be reflected based on your images – so fuzzy photos and quick snapshots just won’t do. Your photos should be planned out in advance and be well-thought. Not sure what to post on Instagram? The truth is – anything goes: from your foodie-friendly office lunch to the cool kicks a co-worker is wearing on their feet. If you can put a cool and artsy twist on a random photo, you can make it work.

  • #QuickTips:
    • Use third party apps to enhance your images and make them stand out
    • Add a watermark or logo so your images are branded if they are reposted
    • Always ensure the quality of your image is perfect – do not repost a photo that has poor quality because you like it or think it’s relevant
    Hashtags that are relevant to what you are posting are a great way generate a curated audience. Take the time to create a hashtag campaign and it will really help your strategy.

The best way to manage your content for these platforms is to create a content calendar for each platform. This will keep you organized and give you a complete overview of your posts for the month.


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