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Coming up with content all the time is hard. If you are on a schedule that looks anything like mine, you’re posting:

  • minimum once daily to Facebook
  • minimum 5 tweets
  • 1 Instagram
  • 5 pins
  • 3x weekly: G+
  • 3x weekly: LinkedIn

One way of managing all that content is to re-purpose content across channels. For example, I will take interesting tweets and share those links on my FB page, as well, with a slightly different introduction or write-up.

Daily Themed Social Media Post Ideas

The real challenge lies with the networks that you have to update daily, like Facebook and Twitter. One idea that I’ve been seeing a lot lately, and could really help you out, is to create a daily themed sharing schedule.

This doesn’t have to be something that you share formally with your fans, but something you use internally to guide your posts, and give you some structure.

Your Daily Themed Social Media Post schedule might look like this:

  • Monday: Motivational Monday (share a motivational quote) or Monday Matters (review what happened over the weekend, or make a post about what happening during the coming week)
  • Tuesday: Tips Tuesday (share a tip based on your business or area of expertise) or Tasty Tuesday (share a recipe)
  • Wednesday: Wellness Wednesday (share a wellness tip) or Workout Wednesday (share a short workout),Wordless Wednesday (just a picture: a picture that says a thousand words)
  • Thursday: Throwback Thursday or TBT (share an old photo), or Three Things Thursday (three things you have really loved this week)
  • Friday: Facebook Friday (give your fans the opportunity to share their own Facebook pages on your page),Flashback Friday (like TBT), Fun Friday (silly meme, jokes, humour), Family Friday (meet a member of your “family” or team–do a profile on them), #FF or #FollowFriday on Twitter
  • Saturday and Sunday: wrap-up posts from the week or prepping for the week ahead.

Here are some other ideas:


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