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Large businesses benefit from storing their backups in the cloud

Cloud backup is an excellent fail over and will prevent you from losing your data during a catastrophe that could have grave effects on other aspects of your business. To put it simply,  your backed up data will not be lost just because of a disaster. Large businesses benefit from storing their backups in the cloud


Once you have made it through the disaster, it will be relatively easy to retrieve your data. You can do this by contacting your IT support company to get the data out of the cloud. What will you do with it once you have retrieved it, though?


According to a publication done by the University of Massachusetts in combination with a research team at AT&T, when data is backed up on the cloud, it can easily be redirected to a different location or to the employees who need to use it to get the system back online. You can set it up in advance to automatically redirect, or you can just create a redirection path after the fact of the disaster.


The general outcome for a business who has used the cloud to back up data before a disaster is positive for the time after the event. If the data is redirected quickly enough, there will be microscopic interruptions in the system or the way that the business is run. Employees (as well as consumers) will be able to access the data as if nothing had happened. Cloud data is the existential fail over method that business owners have been working toward for decades.

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