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Survey discovers the cloud is just about everywhere

Anyone working within IT will be able to attest to the massive surge in the cloud’s popularity, but a recent survey from Spiceworks is showing that the cloud’s reach is far beyond what many people might imagine. The study of more than 340 of the top IT professionals found that 93 percent of companies in the survey are using the cloud in some capacity.

It would appear that the cloud’s many advantages have finally gotten through to administrative staff all over the country. But with so many services to choose from, where are companies investing and where are they planning to grow?

The private sector can’t get enough of the cloud…

Although the applications of a cloud-based environment are nearly endless, the Spiceworks survey points to web hosting as the biggest concern for modern businesses. The report states that 76 percent of respondents are using the cloud for this service, with 5 percent considering it for deployment within the next year. This isn’t really surprising, as cloud-based hosting has been a big hit for some time now.

What is surprising is how quickly one less-used service might grow in the next 12 months. Cloud-based online backup was stuck square in the middle of the pack, with 35 percent of respondents having reported that they used it. However, the survey also found that 23 percent of IT professionals were currently considering upgrading to online backup in a cloud-based environment within the next year. This simply goes to show that even the least used cloud services are expected to see massive growth in the coming years.

…and neither can government agencies

While businesses can obviously get a lot out of this service, federal agencies are also beginning to explore the cloud for current and future deployment. A study conducted by Deltek found that governmental spending in the cloud is expected to hit $6.2 billion by 2020. Considering that number was projected at $3.1 billion for fiscal year 2016, it’s clear the government plans on utilizing these kinds of services to the full. Doubling a federal budget isn’t taken lightly, so agencies must be getting a lot out of the cloud.

Cloud services are growing at an exponential rate, and for good reason. Private companies and government agencies alike are benefiting from this technological marvel.

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