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Tech Tip: How to Take Screen Shots

Screen shots are such a great way to easily capture information! Learn all the tips and tricks. //


Did you know you can easily capture whatever is on your screen? I take screen shots daily to quickly capture information that I will need to refer back to later.

This is a great feature for:

  • Order confirmations and receipts
  • Images that you can’t drag to your desktop
  • When you want to save an image with corresponding text
  • Providing instructions (like this blog post)
  • These images are simple to email to others, to save in Evernote, or to use when creating a document

Screen shots can be taken on your desktop and laptop and on all of your portable IOS devices.


Capture a portion of the screen

  • Press Command, Shift, 4
  • Your cursor will change indicating that it’s ready for you to make a selection.
  • Select just the portion you want by clicking and dragging the rectangle out.
  • If you mess up, press escape and your regular cursor will re-appear without taking an image.
  • If you have the correct selection made, simply let go of the mouse and you’ll hear a sound indicating that the image has been made.

Capture the whole screen

  • Press Command, Shift, 3
  • You’ll hear a sound indicating that the image has been made.

With both methods, the image will appear on your desktop. You will see a new file labeled “Screen Shot” with the date and time the image was taken. From there you can easily re-name the file, drag it into an email or an organization app like Evernote.

organization app like Evernote.


  • Press and hold the sleep/wake button on the right side of your device, immediately press the home button and then release both buttons.
  • The screen will flash white and you’ll hear a sound indicating that the image has been made.
  • The image will appear in the Photos app.

Since you can only capture the whole screen and not just a portion, I will frequently crop images taken on my phone so that I have just the sections I want. Cropping can easily be done from the edit button in the photos app.


  • Press and hold the side button, immediately press the digital crown and then release both buttons.
  • The image will appear in the Photos app of the iPhone synced with that watch.

Screen shots and photos can easily start adding up to hundreds on IOS devices.

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