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What can you expect when you invest in cloud-based storage?

More companies than ever are seeing the benefits of the cloud. There are a lot of ways that enterprises can use this technology, but a study conducted by MarketsandMarkets showed that one of the most popular might be storage. The report stated that the global cloud-based storage market will increase at a compound annual growth rate of 28.2 percent between now and 2020, where it will reach a staggering $65.41 billion.

With all of that money projected for a single service, it’s clear cloud storage will continue to be a big hit among businesses. But what can the average company administrator expect to get out of it?


One of the best aspects of the cloud in general is just how flexible it is. For storage in particular, the first place companies will be able to see this is the fact that company data will be available on a much wider scale. Because this stored information is kept in the cloud rather than in a specific computer, employees with the right credentials can access files with multiple different devices.

This allows for flexibility both in the office as well as outside it. Telework has been increasing, as technology and business trends allow employees to complete their tasks in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, research has found that the number of remote workers who weren’t self-employed has increased 103% since 2005. Being able to access important company files is a necessity to completing tasks, and cloud storage can enable employees to get this data even if they’re at home.

But document flexibility isn’t the only benefit of this service. Scalability is also a huge benefit of implementing cloud-based storage management solutions. Companies need to be able to grow and shrink according to the amount of business they’re conducting, an incredibly hard feat to accomplish when storing data in-house. Contracting a managed service provider for cloud storage is a great way to ensure solid scalability.

Better disaster recovery responsiveness

Another benefit of cloud storage is the fact that it plays a vital role in a disaster recovery solution. TechTarget contributor Russell Olson discusses the need for “geographic diversity” when planning for a disaster. This means that companies need a certain amount of space between their main office and where they store their data. Having a storage option down the street is certainly advantageous in terms of latency and convenience, but a tornado ravaging this area will decimate both facilities, destroying the organization’s ability to conduct business.

“A relatively close site allows for you to have tighter synchronization and leverage your current staff and offsite backup services,” said Olson. “But sites too far away can create replication issues for some systems, require a different workforce and could end up costing a great deal.”

There is no perfect distance for this purpose – a business in an area known to suffer hurricanes will need to have a greater geographic diversity than companies outside this area. That said, cloud storage is a great way to put some much-needed space between your office and your data.

Of course, these are only two of the many incredible benefits a company can expect to see when implementing a cloud-based storage solution. This technology is completely changing how businesses operate, and those who wait to utilize it will be left behind by the industry. Anyone wishing to learn more about the cloud and what its storage capabilities can do should look into the many services offered by 3CS . With some of the best cloud storage options out there, 3CS can help your company cash in on this technology’s many benefits.


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