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Why Does Your Business Need Social Media?

You really don’t want to get involved with social media while you’re running your business because it’s time-consuming, overwhelming, and seems unprofessional. You may not realize that social media is becoming not just important to businesses to utilize but essential. Without social media, some businesses are seeing decreased sales, a lack of new customers, and even the inability to retain customers. How could social media possibly be this important to businesses?

Aside from the fact that everybody is using social media and it’s the easiest way to reach people, social media has become the way that companies interact with customers, engage with customers, and encourage sales.

They use it to handle customer complaints, get feedback from their clients, and help their customers remember them through their weekly updates. Here is a look at why this form of communication that you may have thought would simply be a trend or only used within families is becoming essential for business owners.

It’s how you’re going to find your customers

How were you finding your new customers before? Were you relying on word of mouth advertisement, expensive television ads, or maybe promotional mail? Those are all great but they can’t possibly top social media capabilities.

Now, business owners can use social media to find their new customers because of the ease of finding more people in their target audience. Choose the best social media platforms for your company and start creating your business pages. You can do this by analyzing with platforms have people talking about your industry and using keywords.

Build the brand

Social Media for BusinessUse social media to build your brand up. When you love word-of-mouth advertising, you can’t beat social media which allows your customers to reach hundreds and thousands of people compared to one or two friends on the phone. Create a great image for yourself on social media while your customers talk about you to their friends on the public platform. It’ll make you look trustworthy and show the world that your customers love spending time at your business.

Handle customer service needs

Did you know that people today will avoid dealing with customer service needs on the phone? They don’t want to take the time to call and talk to someone nor do they want to really have to go through the process of emailing a company with a concern or question about the business. They want to handle their inquiries quickly and painlessly. Now, people use social media to bring up a problem, question, or comment on a product.

While this may sound scary for a business how doesn’t want to risk being insulted publicly, it’s your chance to handle inquiries public and show the world you are prepared to handle any unpleasant situations that come up with a purchase made with you. Your response to customer service needs on your social media page will influence almost 80% of customers so be sure to engage with your customers and handle their questions, comments, or concerns. This means that you’ll need to schedule time weekly to handle your social media pages to make sure your customers feel heard.

It’s financially smart

Business Social MediaYou’ll also want to keep in mind that social media is beneficial because your competition might be a big chain or a business with a way bigger budget than you that is paying for expensive advertisement methods. Social media doesn’t cost much of anything to use and it’s the most effective way to reach your customers.

Rather than avoiding social media to save yourself time during the week, think of that time as investment towards your marketing efforts that isn’t really costing you anything. Social media is small businesses’ new best friend. Use social media to get your brand known through regular updates and images, sharing your content, engaging with customers, and handling their inquiries.

Small businesses will not only find it easy to join social media, but being active on there will improve business.

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